About child sponsorship

Why is your sponsorship important?

Your support enables us to continue offering quality education to students from kindergarten to 9th grade. We also believe in the power of prayer and encouragement through quality relationships that develop between sponsor and child.

You have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of one of our children and be a part of what God is doing to break the cycle of violence, poverty, and unhealthy relationships and bring hope to the community of Bastion Popular.


How will your money be used for your sponsored child?​

Your monthly financial gift of $75 will be used to cover the child’s tuition which includes teachers’ salaries, utilities, teaching and office supplies and other operational costs. In especially needy cases, the funds help to purchase groceries or pay medical bills for families who are struggling.

Your donation is processed by MSC Canada (Canadian residents) or CMML (USA residents) which are registered charitable organizations that issue tax deductible receipts.

MSC/CMML does not deduct any fees, so the school receives every dollar you send.

Monthly Expenses
Salaries and Social Securities
Utilites and Internet
Special Donations

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