Already a Sponsor?

Your sponsor child loves hearing from you!

IMG-20130503-00054We encourage all our sponsors to write letters as often as they are able. Our students often think of their sponsors as mentors, co
aches, or even extended family, and they love to know that somebody from far away is thinking of them.

We hope that sponsors will pray regularly for their child, keep in communication via letters, or even come to visit their sponsored child in their home.

Don’t speak Spanish? Not a problem, all English letters will be translated before being delivered to the child.

Sending letters or small packages to your sponsor child

The postal service in Ecuador is reliable, however we ask that you please do not send cash with your letters and/or packages. You can send letter and/or small packages to Ecuador (please do not send letters or packages to MSC or CMML) at the following address.2015-10-01 13.29.23 2015-09-16 11.27.04

B. Martin
(name of child)
Casilla 09-04-272,
Guayaquil, Ecuador.