Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child

A child is waiting for you

Your tax-deductible contribution of just $75 a month provides a child with education at the Hope of Bastion School. 

Build a relationships with one of our students and connects a student living in a community of poverty, gangs, and substance abuse, with a Christian Child Sponsorship Program.


Be connected with one of our students through...


Each time you write your sponsored child you have the opportunity to encourage them and tell them how much God loves them.


Prayer is one of our most important weapons against the battles that our students face growing up in a community of gangs, substance abuse and teenage pregnancy.

Regular Updates

We personally know and see our students everyday at school and will keep you informed of any family updates or incidences.

Meet some of our students waiting to be sponsored

Alexa Katerine

Alexa Katerine - Kindergarten

Alexa is a very sweet little girl who loves playing with her baby chicks and playing with her toys. She has dreams of being a police officer and catching robbers someday.
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Axel- Kindergarten

Axel is a chatty, energetic six year old who loves to play soccer. He has big dreams someday of being a firefighter.
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Luis David

Luis David- Kindergarten

Luis David is an active little boy who loves to dance and play soccer with his friends and older brother. He also enjoys helping his mom take care of his new baby brother. Someday he hopes to be a police officer.
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Danna Abigail - Kindergarten

Sweet Danna loves to play with her toys and her cat with her cousins. She is a big help to her parents around the home and someday wants to be a police officer.
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Josue - Kindergarten

Josue lives in a small rented home with his young parents and little sister. His dad is excited that his boy gets to study in the same school he did! Josue loves to play soccer whenever he can.
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Elias- Kindergarten

Elias is so excited to be studying in the same school where both his parents went to school! Someday he would like to be in the military, but for now he loves playing with his toys.
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Carlos Sebastian

Carlos Sebastian- Kindergarten

Carlos is a very intelligent and kind boy who loves his 3 pet dogs and playing outside with his best friends. He enjoys learning and hasn't yet decided what he wants to be when he grows up
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Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique -Grade 2

He is an active and playful boy who loves to talk and tell stories. He is also very sweet and gentle and loves playing with animals, especially his cats. When he grows up, he wants to be a fireman.
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Sherlyn - Grade 2

Sherlyn lives with her mom, dad, and dog "Coqui" and cat "Mishu". She is a very friendly girl who loves to make others laugh. She cant wait to get back to school to see her friends.
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Roy- Kindergarten

Roy lives with his mom, half siblings, and grandparents and his cat (which he loves so much). He loves to tell stories and can't wait for school to open up so he can meet his classmates.
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Christian- Kindergarten

When Christian is not out playing soccer with his friends he can be found doing his homework or playing with his baby brother. He makes friends easily and looks forward to meeting his classmates at school.
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