Why Write Letters to Your Sponsored Child

Why Write Letters to Your Sponsored Child

What is my letter worth to my sponsored child?

Your sponsored child LOVES hearing from you!  The thought that someone from so far away, cares about them is life-giving.  We wish you could see their faces  light up when they see an envelope with their name on it!

Over the past 10 years I have been with students as they open letters that they have received from their sponsors. It still is one of my favourite parts of my job! As the child reads it, the grin on his face is stretched from ear to ear. Someone cared and spent time to write something specifically for him and he is thrilled. We then have a chance to talk about the letter and his questions start to brew.

Is the letter I receive REALLY from my sponsored child?
Yes! Even if your sponsored child is too young to write, the words on the page are theirs. Some children sit down and already know exactly what they are going to tell you, while others might need a few prompts. We might chat for a little bit about her family, hobbies, or what she did last weekend, before she picks up the pencil. If the student needs some help we use prompts like:  “That is a great question to ask your sponsor in YOUR letter now!”, “I bet your sponsor would love to hear that funny story you just told me”, “Can you find all the questions your sponsor asked you? How about you answer them in your reply”. 

Did you know that some kids even consider you as a part of their family? 
Maybe you haven’t written your sponsor child in a long time, or you don’t even know how old he/she is anymore. Well, today is the PERFECT day to change that. If you ever want an update or more information on your sponsored child you can reach out to us anytime at

But what do I write!?
– Share the hopes and prayers you have for your sponsored child with them
– Describe something meaningful to you (family traditions, a certain keepsake or special person in your life etc.)
– Share about how the pandemic has impacted you and your family
– How God has demonstrated His faithfulness to your family this year
– Share about an interesting experience you had recently
– Share about the hobbies or activities that your children enjoy
– Make it a family event and have your children help to write the letter!
– Include pictures

The bottom line…your letters ARE valuable. They provide opportunities for meaningful conversations and encouragement. They fill their hearts with love and are then stored away in a treasured spot in their homes.

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