Our request

-That we would soon be able to go back to in- person classes.
-For the health and safety of our staff, and students and their families during the pandemic.
-That the renovation project currently happening at the school would be completed smoothly.
-One of our teachers is struggling with cancer. Please pray for strength and healing for her.
-That the vaccination process in Ecuador would continue without a hitch and get most of the population vaccinated quickly as has been happening the last few months.
-That we would be able to get 100% of our students sponsored.

-Our teachers are fully vaccinated and the vaccination process has really picked up speed here in Ecuador.-Our school is being given a makeover (FRESH START) thanks to our generous donors.

We believe that the most valuable contribution a person can make to our ministry is to pray for us. 

The sponsorship program was never about the finances, it has always been about connecting children with people who will pray for them and encourage them through loving relationships.

Please pray for:
Personal relationship with Jesus
Acceptance of Jesus as Savior
Spiritual Growth
Understanding of God’s word
Healthy family relationships
Academic success
Strong friendships
Development of skills and talents
A bright future free from the cycle of poverty
Ability to make wise decisions
Freedom from fear
Healthy self-esteem
Patience and Perseverance