About The School

Canadian missionaries Tim and Lil Horne, along with a handful of Ecuadorian friends, founded Hope of Bastion School in 1997. The school was named “Hope of Bastion” not just because education gives hope, but because the school is founded on the belief that showing the love of Jesus through quality Christian education will bring hope to the whole community.IMG_6442

Now, nineteen years since the school’s foundation, it has grown from a one room kindergarten to a fully functional school, ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade. The school sees 180 kids pass through its doors every academic day.


Computer Lab

Hope of Bastion School has 20 staff members (half of whom are from the Bastion community), a gymnasium, a kitchen, a computer lab, and a modern library with 2500 titles which is open to the public. In addition to the academic curriculum, the school offers a variety of clubs including painting, cooking, computer skills, crafts, music, and sports.

The school runs primarily on financial support sent from North America. The child sponsorship program connects each sponsor with a child in the school and significant relationships have developed through this program. The Sponsorship Program covers more than 80% of the school’s expenses. The remainder is provided by individual gifts designated for the Hope of Bastion School.