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Christmas Is Coming and We Need Your Help!

You Can...

1. Write a Christmas Letter

Your sponsored child LOVES hearing form you! The thought that someone from so far away cares about them is life-giving.

We wish you could see their faces light up when they see an envelope with their name on it! Let's bless EVERY child with a letter this year!

2. Donate

Help us give a Christmas gift to every student. Use the following links and specify your gift as "Christmas"

But What Do I Write?

1. Share the hopes and prayers you have for your sponsored child with them.

2. Describe some meaningful Christmas traditions your family has.

3. Share about how the pandemic has impacted you and your family.

4. How God has demonstrated His faithfulness to your family this year.

5. Share about an interesting experience you had recently.

6. Share about the hobbies or activities that your children enjoy.

7. Make it a family event and have your children help to write the letter!

8. Include pictures.

Hope of Bastion School​

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